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General Donload Sites for  FS2000/2002 Freeware

FSPlanet (spanish Site with daily updates) (as far as I know the greatest site with daily updates, currently difficult to log-in due to very high traffic)
AVSim (big site with daily updates)
and for updates and other infos
Microsoft's Flightsim site

Aircraft Designer for FS2000/FS2002 with very good aircraft models

Project Airbus (very good Airbus A300-600, outstanding Airbus A320, Antonov AN 124 and AN 225 planned)
Project OpenSky (outstanding Boeing 767, 777, Airbus A330 and Boeing 747 V3, Boeing 757 announced)
Freeware Flight Group (Designerteam, very good MD DC10-30 from Kamal (Wally) Kerba and MD90 from Steve Reyling)
Andrew Richard (good Airbus A320), released by IADG (now Precision Sim Design), now in the FFG team
Melvin Rafi (Meljet, very good Boein 747-400, outstanding Boeing 777-200)
Hans Peter Schwarz (Airbus A310, Moving Parts Design Guide)
Allied FS Group (good Airbus A340, very good Boeing 737-600 from Matts Falck, now member of FFG too)

Selection of very good freeware aircraft models

All models mentioned below have the following moving parts:
- ailerons
- rudder
- elevator
- flapa/slats
- spoiler (if applicable)
- propellers or engine fans
- landing gear

Flugzeugmodell Download bei Screenshot
Douglas R4D-6 Nats from Erik Ellis, Jan Visser, Roy Chaffin and others

Extremly detailed with night lighting, transparent cabin windows!, very good panel and sound in a package (a total of 23MB!).

RCS Panels Douglas R4D-6 Nats (Roy Chaffin)
Boeing C17 Globemaster from Project OpenSky

This one is a highly detailed model of a Boeing C 17.

Beyond the current standards the model has a highly detailed modelling of the main gear including the complex motion of the gear during re-/extraction.

Project Open Sky 
ATR 42-500 Air Dolomiti from Christoph Klose

Very nice turpoprop (the same designer also developed a ATR 72, both types in different versions as -200/-500 and -300/-500) with night lighting, steerable nose wheel and visible cockpit interior.

As additional goodie the cabin doors can be opened.

IADG (website closed) ATR 42-500 Eurowings (Christoph Klose)
Dornier 328 JET Gandalf from D. Turcato und S. Caputo

Nice model with high level of detail.


freeflight Dornier 328 JET Gandalf (Torcato)
Falcon 50 from Yannick Lavigne

A very nice model of this little business jet.

Especially remarkable is the throughout interior modelling (cockpit and passenger cabin can be seen from outside).

The model is additinally equipped with a self made panel and virtual cockpit including passenger cabin interior view.
Fokker F70/F100 from Project Fokker 100-70 

This new model is completely Dieses neue Modell ist rundherum gelungen und verfügt über die meisten der mit gmax möglichen Features (öffnende CockpitTür, sichtbare Höhentrimmung, rolling wheels, sichtbare Schubumkehr). Auf der Seite des Projekt Fokker 70-100 werden auch ein passendes Panel (mit statischen Cockpitsichten) und der zugehörige Sound angeboten.

Project Fokker 100-70 Fokker 70 BMI (Project Fokker 100-70)
Bae 146-200 British Airways from Holger Ellerbrock

A very good model of the Bae146-200.
Remarkable are the animtaion of the main gear and the modelling of the airbrake.

IADG (website closed) Bae 146-200 British Airways von Holger Ellerbrock
Airbus A320 Lufthansa from Project Airbus

This model is one of the best freeware models currently available (and can compete with the best payware as PSS or Ariane also).
Remarkable on this gmax model are the opening cabin doors (can be separately controlled via shift+E/T/F, opening cargo door, visible thrust reverser, visible elevator trim, opening cockpit window (shift+W) and a virtual cockpit (can be used with the outstanding PSS A320 payware cockpit also).

Other models of the little Airbusses (A319 and A321) will follow soon.

Project Airbus Airbus A320 Lufthansa (Project Airbus)
Airbus A321 Finnair V4.0 from Sami Puro

Remarkable are the landing lights, which were implemented as light beams (in the meantime this is a standard feature of FSDS).

FSNordic Airbus A321 Finnair (Sami Puro)
Airbus A310 gmax from Harald Nehring and Frank Weiss

Also this model is a good one and features rolling wheels, visible trhust reverser, tilting bogies and compressing gear struts. Airbus A310 Lufthansa (Nehring/Weiss)
Airbus A300 Lufthansa from Project Airbus

Also this model is a good one.

A special goodie on this one are the opening cabin and freigth doors when the engines are shut down. In the air a ram air turbine is extracted under this condition.

Project Airbus
Airbus A330 LTU from Project Open Sky

As the other models from Project Opensky this Airbus A330 is a very good model. 
Remarkable are the flexing wings, tilting bogies, rolling wheels and the visible thrust reverser.

Project Open Sky  Airbus A330 LTU Project Opensky
Airbus A340 Air France from Thomas Kwong

Remarkable was the usage of FSDS as design tool. Alle parts are 3D, the nose wheel is steerable.

The night lighting effects can be improved, though.

Thi aircraft was winner of the Jetliner Yoke Contest from in 2000. Airbus A340 Air France (Thomas Kwong)
My Airbus A340-500 (only preview)

I hope I can meet my own great demands with the completion of this model.

The design is 24/32 sided, the wing elements are cut from the wings (spoiler, slats, flaps, ailerons), the usual moving parts are included (also thrust reversers, see lower pciture).

One great drawback: The aircraft is a frame rate killer (on my computer with a 1,8 GHz Athlon, 512MB RAM and GeForce 4 Ti200 it can be flown, though) .

Since outstanding designer teams as Project Opensky and simubuild have the great airbus on their lists, I decided too stop this project. Furthermore a change of development environment to gmax would have been necessary to give the model the latest features.


----- A340-500 Lufthansa Preview

A340-500 Lufthansa Reverser deployed

Boeing 717 Air Tran from Creative Simulations International (CSI)

Also this model is well done.

One thing to be mentionend beyond the standard features are the reversers, which are also working in FS2002.

CSI (website closed)
Boeing 737-800 ATA from Matts Falck (FFG)

A very good model of the Boeing 737 NG-series.
This model features the standard (as it was set in the meantime) control surface animations (with nose wheel).

Beyond that it shows spoilerons, visible thrust reverser and rolling wheels.

The other models of the NG-series (-700 and -600, the latter only on AFG, the former 'home' of Matts Falck) are also available.

FFG   Boeing 737-800 ATA (Matts Falck)
Boeing 757-300 from IFDG

Nice model with tilting-bogies, rolling wheels and spoilerons.

Currently IFDG is working on a new gmax Version of the 757.



IFDG (website closed) Boeing 757 Condor (IFDG)
Boeing 767 from Mitsushi Yutaka & Hiroshi Igami (Project Open Sky)

This Boeing 767-300ER was the first of a series of very good models from the Project Open Sky members.

The model features - after an upgrade to Version 2 - also a visible thrust reverser.

Project Open Sky  Boeing 767 Condor (Project Open Sky)
MD DC10-30 from FFG (model from Wally S. Kerba)

In my opinion this aircraft from FFG is one of the best freeware add-on aircraft available (it can compete with very good payware aircraft as the ones from PSS).

The aircraft is overall superb, but especially the spoiler animation is remarkable.

FFG  DC10-30 American from FFG
Boeing 777 from Project OpenSky

Also the Triple Seven from Project Open Sky is an outstanding model. The model features all standard moving parts which can be expected from a very good add-on model these days. Especially remarkable are the tilting bogies, thrust reversers, the detail of the main gear and - for the first time - flexible wings.

Project Open Sky Boeing777ProMaxLT.jpg (7247 Byte)
Boeing 777 from MelJet

Also Melvin Rafi has released a gmax Triple Seven now. 
This is an outstanding model. 
Especially remarkable is beyond the standard features of new very good models (flexing wings, visible thrust reverser, tilting bogies, steering main gear, visible elevator trim, opening cabin and cargo door) the so-called 'maintenance mode'. This mode (activated via shift+E) opens the engine cowlings and the gear bay doors (see the picture at the bottom). 

With the texture quality of Project OpenSky or Project Airbus (especially on the wings) this model would (in my opinion) be the best currently available. 

MelJet   Boeing 777-200 Meljet BA Start in Munic

Boeing 777-200 Meljet BA Maintenance

Boeing 747 V3 Saudi Arabian from Project Open Sky

This is in my opinion the best Boeing 747 freeware model currently available (in version 3 as gmax model with rolling wheels, tilting bogies, compressing gear struts, steering main gear, opening cabin and cargo doors, flexing wings, visible thrust reverser and elevator trim) and thus one of the best models in general.

Project Open Sky Boeing 747 Saudi Arabian from Project Open Sky
Boeing 747 Northwest from Melvin Rafi and Johann Dees

Also Melvin Rafi released a very good gmax version of his Boeing 747. Also this model features rolling wheels, tilting bogies, compressing gear struts, steering main gear, opening cabin and cargo doors, flexing wings, visible thrust reverser and elevator trim.

I prefer the Project Open Sky version due to the better textures, though.

MelJet   Boeing 747 Northwest (Meljet)
MD-90 SAS of Steve Reyling.

Nice model of the MD-90 with the current high feature standard (only thrust reversers not working in FS2002).



Furthermore the outstanding freeware sceneries of Oliver Pabst have to be mentioned:

LEPA 2000 (Mallorca) and especially

EDDW 2002 (Bremen).

This very detailed and nice scenery impresses especially with its details in the dynamic scenery as automatic passenger gates and refueling and catering cars that can be requested. On the outer parking positions also passeenger busses are available.

Oliver Pabst (website closed) EDDW (Bremen) from Oliver Pabst


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